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Are you looking for a CHIROPRACTIC CLINIC in Jacksonville? There are hundreds of chiropractors in the Jacksonville area. Why should you consider
Ortega Chiropractic to be part of your health care team?

It is simple….Our chiropractic practice has been helping the residents of Jacksonville for over 25 years. Jacksonville is our home and our patients are our neighbors. We have had the privilege of helping thousands of our neighbors. Offering individual personalized care is very important to us. We are always available for our patients. Do you have the cell numbers and email addresses of your other doctors? Ours patients do! We are NOT some out of town faceless 800 number.

Even though we have been established in the Jacksonville community for a quarter of a decade, we are leaders in patient care. We actually teach other chiropractors new advances in evaluating and treating people that have been injured in automobile accidents. We also teach other doctors our weight loss and hormone replacement management protocols.

What sets our practice, Ortega Chiropractic Clinic from other chiropractic clinics? Our chiropractic clinic is unique. We use a team approach. We are the only chiropractic clinic in Jacksonville that offers chiropractic, medicine, massage therapy, physical therapy, hypnotherapy and health coaching.

Over 25 years, we have gotten great results in helping our Jacksonville neighbors. Our chiropractic clinic has helped thousands of people with all types of problems. We offer treatment for all types of pain issues. Everything from headaches to foot pain. With our team approach, we even offer medically supervised weight loss and hormone replacement treatment.

We know you have a choice of health care providers in Jacksonville. We also know there are many fine quality chiropractors in Jacksonville. We just take a different approach. We are neighbors. You should be treated like neighbors.

There are many Jacksonville Florida Chiropractors. Who should you trust? Trust a neighbor. We are proud that thousands of our Jacksonville neighbors have trusted the chiropractic and medical professionals at Ortega Chiropractic Clinic.

Our mission is to serve our patients with a caring attitude, providing quality personal individualized service to each of our patients.

Our purpose is simple. We are here to serve our neighbors!

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